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Choosing the right hospital for your medical needs is always a difficult choice for a patient or guardian. Kidney care clinic has gained an enviable reputation of delivering quality healthcare solutions which are available to all sections of the society.

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India's large and diverse population warrants an efficient health care infrastructure that should be accessible to all strata's of society. Good quality health care should not be a privilege of the elite only. Since we set up Kidney Care Clinic in 1988, my vision and endeavor has been to bring state-of-the-art health care to the masses of India. In order to achieve this, we at Kidney Care, are committed to providing advanced medical care at a minimum possible cost.

Advanced in-center dialysis system

With its range of modalities that reduce treatment complications and improve patient comfort, the Advance dialysis system allows you to consistently achieve your treatment goals. Hemodialysis is a complex process that is not always under adequate control leading to significant variability in the delivery of the prescription, which can reduce the potential clinical benefits for the patient. Consistent delivery of prescription The advanced technology integrated in the dialysis system offers more than the comfort of smooth treatments; with a set of tools aiming at quality-assured dialysis, the variability in treatment delivery can be reduced, contributing to improve clinical outcomes. With the system, the most effective modal- ities can be used routinely with no additional burden on the clinical staff and treatment goals are met reliably session after session.
It provides an unmatched range of treatment modalities to meet patient needs through innovative technologies that simplify everyday operations, and enhance user experience with the following advantage.

  • A treatment modality answering individual clinical challenges
  • Fewer dialysis-related complications
  • Better treatment tolerability
  • Consistent treatment delivery and outcomes

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